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Type 56 - 3 Bedroom


Property Features
13 Bedrooms
22 Bathrooms
3Guest Room
4Living Room
5Dining Room


A.House Dimension
1Body (L x W x H)8 x 7 x 5,85 m
2Terrace (L x W x H)2,5 x 1 x 0,1 m
3House area56 m2
4Terrace area2,5 m2
5Roof slope35°
6ColumnCakar ayam frame
7SloofLightweight concrete 300 x 100 mm (burried 150 mm or can be customized)
8SlabThickness : 50 mm with K-150 ~ K-200 concrete quality
9SlabSlab covered by 600 x 600 mm ceramic tile
Bathroom floor : slab covered by 250 x 250 mm ceramic tile
10Column & beamUsing steel profile RHS 100 x 50 x 3 mm, joint system : bolted by M10
11Joint bracket5 mm thick SS400 steel plate processed by laser cutting
12Joint profileSpecial shaped profile made from aluminium
13Lightweight concrete panelUsing lightweight concrete with several thickness option : D35 and D50
Connection between wall panel using MU 380 or Thinbad and reinforced by straight and U steel anchor with Æ 6 mm
14Lightweight concrete panelUsing lightweight concrete with 35 mm thick covered by UPVC roof such as Avantguard and U shaped PVC list for each end of the panel
15Ceiling is optional due to customer need or other considerationUsing plafon gypsum with 9 mm thick and hollow frame
16Door FrameAluminium anodized, white color
17The door leaf is made of lightweight concrete with wall paint or oil paint and around the door is covered with PVC list.Main and bedroom door (T x W x H) : 37 x 820 x 2100 mm
Bathroom door (T x W x H): 37 x 720 x 2000 mm
18Lockcase, door handle dan hingeDumont and Hona
19Window frame is made of aluminiumMain and bedroom window (W x L) : 1000 x 1200 mm, horizontal split in the middle
Bathroom window (W x L) : 300 x 600 mm
Clear glass with 5 mm thick (main and bedroom window)
Frosted glass with 5 mm thick (bathroom window)
20Toilet, washbasin and floor drainAmerican Standard
21Water tapWasser or equivalent
22Exterior wallNippon Paint Vinilex Weatherbond (exterior)
23Interior wallNippon Paint Vinilex (interior)
24Bathroom wall - top sectionNippon Paint Vinilex
25Bathroom wall - bottom sectionNippon Paint Elastex Waterproof 3 in 1
26Roof ceilingNippon Paint Vinilex
27CableNYA Æ2,5 mm red, black, blue, L = 50 m
28Cable ductPVC material
29Lamp & fittingPhillips & Panasonic
30Electric socket & switchPanasonic / Schneider
31MCBMerlin Gerin 6 Ampere
32MCB boxPresto or equivalent
33Clean water pipeMaspion ½” AW class
34Waste water pipeMaspion 1”, 3" and 4" D class
35FittingRucika or equivalent
36Septic tankUsing lightweight concrete with 35 mm thick
37Lightweight concrete panelR panel with 75 mm thick and covered by flooring
38FrameUsing steel profile RHS 80 mm, joint system : welded
39RoofUPVC roof : Avantguard
37House weight estimate… ton
38House volume estimate... m3